Dresden is worth a trip!

by ©Adalbert Nagele

Dresden is worth a trip,
there’s certainly nothing wrong with that,
is also called Elbflorenz
and is more and more known.

You have to stand on top of the Frauenkirche,
and see across into Saxon Switzerland,
every visitor enjoys this view,
how the Elbe flows slowly through Dresden.

A guided tour of the old town should be experienced,
indulge in the paintings of “alter Meister” in the Zwinger,
stroll along the Bruehl Terrace,
risk the look at Saxon girls.

In the evening, eat and drink well in the Pulverturm,
in Münzgasse sinking into dreams over a beer,
that is Dresden, a city to fall in love with,
would have liked to stay much longer.

In order to fall in love in the Dresdner-Kaffeestübchen with a piece of Eierschecke, to fall in love even more with this beautiful city!

Information about the house Dresdner-Kaffeestübchen can be found on the website of the 

Cultural Foundation Historic Town House Dresden